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The Blessings of God Pt2

Sermon Online 1 Kings 19:5-10 Pastor Barnabas Schwanke tells how Elijah hears the still small voice of the Gospel and becomes strengthened and teachable. … [Read more]

The Blessings of God

Sermon Online 1 Kings 19:1-5 Pastor Barnabas Schwanke continues his series in 1 Kings speaking on Elijah and the blessings of God.. … [Read more]

Elijah – The Power of God Pt 3

Sermon Online 1 Kings 17:17-24 Pastor Barnabas Schwanke of Faithway Baptist Church in Leesburg, VA finishes a three part series on Elijah by focusing on the power of God and showing us: God's power in Death God's Power in Prayer God's Power … [Read more]

Elijah – Elijah’s Fiery Furnace

Sermon Online 1 Kings 17:8-16 God being the great goldsmith refines the life of Elijah. Are you allowing God to refine you? … [Read more]

Elijah – How God Uses and Ordinary Man Pt 1

Sermon Online 1 Kings 17:1-7 Pastor Barnabas Schwanke preaches about Elijah in a message entitled "Trusting God When Your Brook Dries Up" in part 1 of this series.   … [Read more]

Enoch’s Faith

Sermon Online Hebrews 11 Today Steve Schwanke, Evangelist visits Faithway Baptist Church in Leesburg, Virginia and delivers a message on Enoch's faith. … [Read more]

Do You Have The Right Prescription?

Sermon Online Genesis 13 Evangelist Steve Schwanke delivers today's sermon and asks the question "Do you have the right prescription?" What choice will you make, live for the temporal or live for eternity? … [Read more]

Paul’s Progress

Sermon Online Acts 7-26 In today's sermon Erick Duprey, Faithway Baptist Church's missionary to Papua New Guinea, delivers a message about Paul. 1. Paul's Consent A. Stephen's Argument B. Pricking Conversions 2. Paul's Conviction A. … [Read more]

A Church for Others

Sermon Online Titus 3 Eccliesatical Myopia In today's sermon Pastor Barnabas Schwanke tells us that if we are to be a church that reaches the world with the Gospel, we need to make sure our lives are firmly planted in the soil of the Gospel. … [Read more]

God’s Renovation Project

Sermon Online Titus 2 "We’ve all seen them—sagging and dilapidated dwellings that look as if they are in physical pain. You wonder what the house once looked like, who lived in it, and how it got into such a miserable condition. Some of us look at … [Read more]